Prepaid Metering – TID Rollover

TID Rollover Deadline November 2024

Please Note

We would like to inform you that STss is fully aware of the TID Rollover process and is actively working towards upgrading our token system from STS 1 to STS 2. The deadline for this upgrade is set for 24 November 2024.

For your information, the TID (Token Identifier) is a critical component used to determine whether a token has already been used in a payment meter. The TID value represents the minutes elapsed since the 1st of January 1993. Since the incrementing of the 24-bit field means that the TID value will eventually roll over to zero, it is imperative that we upgrade our token system to STS 2 to ensure a seamless transition.

To prepare your meter for the TID Rollover to STS 2, we have put in place the following steps:

01Procure the necessary hardware

STss will procure the necessary hardware for STS 2.

02Upgrade our system

STss will upgrade our system through software development to enable migration from STS 1 to STS 2. Our internal deadline for this step is set for 31 January 2024.

03Generate upgrade tokens

STss will generate upgrade tokens for each meter loaded on our system.

03Send/make upgrade tokens available

STss will send/make upgrade tokens available to all clients by 30 April 2024 to ensure that all meters are compatible with the STS 2 system before the deadline of 24 November 2024.

Please be assured that we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all our clients and will keep you informed of any further developments.

Thank you for choosing STss.


STss Team.