STss Prepaid Metering

How It Works

Comprehensive Solutions

STss offers comprehensive solutions for prepaid utilities, including the provision, installation, and management of new prepaid utility setups. Additionally, we can take over the management of the existing infrastructure of prepaid meters.

One of the key features of STss is our unique vending platform, supported by a free App and a 24-hour call centre. This platform enables convenient access to top-up options, ensuring that users can obtain tokens at any time they need them. We also offer affiliate top-up options for users’ convenience.

To ensure the security of collected funds in accordance with the New Property Practitioners Act 2022, each building has its own independent bank account with Fidelity insurance. Monthly transfers of funds collected via prepaid utilities are made by EFT to the respective Body Corporate account.

STss provides comprehensive support to residents through our dedicated call centre. Additionally, we offer monthly detailed vending reports, including exception reports on units that are not vending or vending below R100.00 per month, enabling effective monitoring of utility usage.

We make use of various prepaid token purchase options available in the market, including but not limited to EFT payments (which may take up to 48 hours to reflect). For immediate payments, users can navigate to the Top-up section of the STss Wallet App and utilize the Instant EFT or Credit Card payment options (with payment processing charges applied). Alternatively, prepaid vouchers can be purchased from UniPin, PowerTime Online, or Prepaid 24, with third-party charges applicable.

Getting Started

To get started, STss owners and residents need to register with our system. Once registered, they can download the STss Wallet App, which allows them to top up their wallet and request a token. By keying in the token provided into the prepaid meter keypad, the utility units will be accurately reflected on the meter.

STss provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for managing prepaid utilities, giving owners and residents greater control and flexibility over their utility usage.

01Register your STss Prepaid Account

Email your preferred email address, the cell number of the primary occupant and proof of occupancy (levy statement – Owner or lease agreement – Tenant) to Your STss Wallet will then be registered to your details and a welcome email with your user name and password reset link will be sent.

02Download the free STss Wallet App

Download the free STss Wallet App from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.

Alternatively, you can use the Web-App on our website

03Top-Up your STss Wallet

Login to the Stss Wallet App and select Top Up Wallet.

Top Up STss Wallet Button

You can top-up your STss Wallet via EFT, Instant EFT or Debit/Credit Card.

A standard EFT takes 2 business days to reflect in the STss Wallet.

The banking details for your complex can be found on your Welcome letter, Provisional Statement, on the Stss Wallet App or you can request the details from the 24-Hour Call Centre using Live Chat.

Instant EFTs and payments by Debit/Credit Card on the STss Wallet App will reflect 10 minutes after making the payment.

Click here for more details on payment methods.

04Requesting a Token

Log in to the STss Wallet App

Confirm the balance available in your STss Wallet under “My Wallet Balance” at the top of the screen.

Click on the button “Request Tokens Here” at the bottom of the screen. Select the token type: “Electricity” or “Water”.

Enter the amount in Rands for the Token you would like to generate – you can generate a Token up to the total balance in your STss Wallet. You can request a new Token every 5 minutes. Please enter tokens into your meter in the order you requested them. Please refer to the “Transactions” screen to see a list of Tokens Requested.

05Key your Token into your Meter

Your 20-digit Token will be displayed on the screen. Please key your token into your meter using your CIU (Keypad).

Your meter will reflect the kilo Watt Hours (kWh) / Kilo Litres (KL) loaded.

The number of units (kWh/KL) is determined by the Rand value cost per unit of the utility.

Within the STss Wallet App, you can contact the STss 24-Hour Call Centre via Live Chat, Email ( or communicate via Telegram if you need assistance.


  1. A utility token can ONLY be used for YOUR meter – the token is linked to a unique serial number.
  2. A token for a prepaid meter be used cannot for, or transferred to, any other prepaid meter.
  3. A utility token can only be used ONCE.
  4. Key in the utility token number on your meter as soon as you receive it.
  5. Load the utility tokens in the order that you receive them.
  6. Remember to top-up the meter BEFORE you need it, do not wait until you run out!
  7. Ensure you are entering the correct utility token on the correct meter, i.e. the water token on the prepaid water meter and the electricity token on the prepaid electricity meter.
  8. Do not make cash deposits as additional fees will be incurred
  9. Any credit balances left on the STss Wallet account will be due to you on vacating the unit.
  10. No refunds will be given for unused vended tokens.

STss Clients have access to a database of Help Articles which include frequently asked questions and meter error codes. The help articles are available via the STss Wallet App.

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