STss Prepaid Metering

Electricity, Water and Gas Meters

Solution for Sectional Title Complexes

STss is a leading provider of support services to the Sectional Title Industry and specialises in the Electricity sub-metering industry to meet the growing demand for control over escalating Electricity and other utility-related costs.
We have developed a unique system developed specifically to meet the needs of complexes and estates. The STss Prepaid Electricity meters facilitate the collection of consumption-related charges from individual residents, ensuring that everyone pays in advance for their utilities. We also have the ability to recover water and gas utility charges through our wallet accounts.

STss Prepaid minimises the possibility of escalating Electricity and other utility costs impacting essential complex funds.

We are registered with STS (Standard Transfer Specification) Association and are a proud provider of a prepaid Electricity recovery service.

STss is not a reseller of utilities. We recover consumption-related charges on behalf of complexes and estates through the installation of prepaid meters. We offer a 24-Hour Call Centre to ensure that owners and residents are provided with a full support service.

STss Certification

STss EAAB Registration


PPRA Registration Certificate

STss EAAB Registration


STS Registration Certificate

What the system offers

Opting for pre-payment of your electricity and other utility services offers you the advantage of maintaining control over your utility bills. With pre-payment, you are always aware of the amount you have spent and the remaining balance of electricity and other utilities. This allows you to have greater flexibility in determining when and how much to top up your account, making monthly budgeting a much more streamlined process.


STss Prepaid Solution is custom designed for complexes and estates.


Ensures that each resident is accountable for the cost of their own Electricity and other utility usage.


STss Prepaid Metering System is competitively priced.


Prepaid Electricity eliminates any non-payment issues which could impact essential complex funds.


Meters belonging to STss are maintained and serviced.


Includes a tamper monitoring service.


24 Hour Call Centre ensures around-the-clock support and attention.


Multiple Secure and convenient payment options.


Scheme Executives determine the prepaid tariffs per electricity and other utilities.


Separate trust accounts for each Complex.


Accurate & timely reports are sent to assist in identifying potential prepaid meter tampering (Detailed Token Report and Exception Report).


Our Free App allows you to manage your prepaid account including making payments and generating tokens.

Why Prepaid Electricity & Other Utilities?

In a complex, utilities are usually billed on a bulk basis by Eskom/Municipal supplier, up to 2 months after the utilities were used.

Each individual unit is billed in arrears for its individual consumption as per the manual readings taken on the unit’s dedicated post-paid meter. Each owner is liable for their portion of the utilities used.

Increasingly, complexes are faced with the very real problem of late or non-payment by owners/residents, causing significant cash flow problems for the complex, resulting in funds allocated for security, operation expenses and maintenance, being used for utility payments.

If the funds are not promptly recovered from non-paying owners/residents, it can create a financial strain on the complex. This means that the complex’s overall financial position may be negatively impacted.

Prepaid utilities are a system where funds are collected in advance from the owner or resident to cover the cost of utilities. This arrangement ensures that the scheme has sufficient funds to pay the utility bills in full without having to rely on other scheme funds. By collecting payments ahead of time, the scheme can effectively manage and allocate funds specifically for utility expenses, preventing the need to dip into other funds intended for different purposes.